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New York Property Appraisers - Leading the way.

Peter L. Zachary & Associates is a matchless New York property appraiser firm specializing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk. Each of the New York property appraisers on our staff complete self-contained quality analysis and evaluations on New York commercial multifamily and industrial properties.

A qualified New York property appraiser is essential when trying to attain information regarding financing, partnerships, disputes, divorces or estates. Peter Zachary & Associates, Inc. work diligently throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx in order to provide quality New York appraisal service to you. In addition, several property appraisers at Peter L. Zachary and Associates, Inc can also perform FNMA appraisals on 1-4 family houses, coops and condos, as well as 71B appraisals for small mixed-use properties.

Both residential and commercial clients will benefit from Peter L. Zachary & Associates appraisal firm.

Our appraisal firm is recognized and respected for our strict adherence to ethics, our use of market research, our analysis methods and our attention to details. More importantly, we utilize plain common sense in all that we do. All our reports are compliant with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Our reports consistently exemplify superiority and are in demand by our small, but loyal client base.

The property appraisers at our firm evaluate everything from one to four family houses, coops, condos and townhouses. The residential appraisal division works in conjunction with several leading residential institutions including Washington Mutual, Maspeth Federal Savings Bank, Cross County Savings Bank, Flatbush Federal Savings Bank, Woori America Bank and Nara Bank. Residential orders also take the form of estate and matrimonial work resulting from established relationships with various attorneys and municipal courts.

On the commercial appraisal side, we work with large multi-tenanted properties such as apartment buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings and office buildings as well as small mixed-use properties. The real estate professionals we employ are state certified, licensed or an Appraisal Institute member (Peter L. Zachary, MAI). Many commercially oriented orders emanate from institutions such as Astoria Federal Savings & Loan, LibertyPointe Bank, Metropolitan National Bank, Park Avenue Bank, Sterling Bank.

Peter L. Zachary

Prior to the establishment of his appraisal firm, Peter L. Zachary, MAI was active in real estate in several capacities. He is an owner of commercial properties in the area, which are leased to Starbucks and McDonald's Corporation. He was associated with major institutions as a real estate investment analyst. In addition, he was a mortgage broker who arranged millions of dollars of financing for commercial properties, including but not limited to, apartment complexes, office buildings and shopping centers.

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We make it easy to request a real estate appraisal. If you like you can simply use the form available on our site. Or you can call us directly at (718) 232-1655 to request a meeting or more information. Once you begin to work with Peter L. Zachary & Associates, Inc you'll soon see why our clients continue to call on us.

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